How much will it cost me to subscribe to Eurosport Player?

Eurosport Player proposes two standard subscription rates:

Crowd pass:

The Crowd pass is a monthly subscription that is renewed automatically every 30 days following the date of your initial subscription. There is no minimum sign up period and you can cancel your subscription at anytime up until 2 days before the next renewal date. You can cancel your subscription via the My Account section of Eurosport Player.

Sports fan:

The Sport fan is a subscription that entails a minimum sign up period of 12 months. 
You are charged for the first month of this subscription.
30 days after the initial subscription date, you will be charged the monthly amount as indicated at the time of subscription. An identical amount will be debited from your account every 30 days from this point onwards.
At the end of the 12 month minimum sign up period, your subscription will be renewed automatically every 30 days, unless you decide to cancel your subscription.
During the 12 month minimum sign up period, you can cancel your subscription anytime during the last month.
Once the minimum sign up period of 12 months has passed, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You can find an overview of the price offer on the below link:


Special Offers
Eurosport Player proposes a certain number of special offers throughout the year. You can see if there is a Special Offer currently available by going to the following page:

These special offers allow access to Eurosport Player for a fixed period only (ex: 1 year). If you subscribe to one of these offers, your subscription will terminate automatically at the end of the period in question without any action required.

January 16 - January 29

Australian Open

Watch the tournament LIVE

The 2017 edition of the Australian Open will take place from January 16th until January 29th

Follow whole of the first Grand Slam tournament !

The mix of heat and the best of five sets format makes the Australian Open the most physically demanding Grand Slam of the year for all of the men and women players starting in the final draw. For the first time ever Britain's Andy Murray enters the event as world number one and will be hoping his new status will help clinch him the title, where he has been a losing finalist on five occasions. The 2016 season was the best of his career which saw him claim the Wimbledon title, Olympic title and season-ending ATP Finals, which secured the year-ending number one world ranking spot and being awarded the 2016 Sports Personality of the Year award for an historic third time.

Don't miss a point! Eurosport Player gives you exclusive access to all the action LIVE.

Follow up to 16 courts LIVE and enjoy a unique Live TV experience with advanced features on PC or MAC and all your screens with only one subscription:

• Go back and watch the point you want under LIVE conditions.

• LIVE alerts: be alerted when a crucial point is being played in another match and watch it immediately.

• Instant replay videos: re-LIVE all the best action of the day.

• Real-time statistics and news are displayed on your screen.

Exclusive Eurosport Player features
Live streaming
Rewind live broadcasts for up to 3 hours
Re-live top sports action from the week.
Exclusive Channels
More live broadcasts including multi-court and multi-table coverage.
Hone your expertise with our real-time stats
Experience Eurosport on all your devices
Experience Eurosport on all your devices
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